Secure payment

How does credit card online payment work?

When you are ready to proceed with the check-out, you will go through a series of secure web pages. All the credit card information that you will enter will be securely encoded and sent to a secure electronic payment server that belongs to Pivotal, a renowned Canadian secure payment company. They manage the credit authorizations and transfers with your credit card institution. Therefore, we get the same information as if we were a classic "brick and mortar" store: we only get the essential details of the transactions, not your personal information. 


How to pay cash with Paypal

If you do not have a credit card, you can pay cash with Paypal. To do that, you must already have a paypal account linked to your bank account. If you don't, Paypal will ask you to provide your credit card, wich will bring you back to square one.


Currency exchange rates and fees

For your convenience, we offer you the possibility to shop in your choice of currency. However, the final amount will be calculated in Canadian dollars and then converted by your credit card institution during the transaction. Exchange rates vary daily, and some institutions charge fees for conversion. It is therefore possible that the amount charged to your card slightly differs from the amount on your invoice. We thought you should know.