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  • Presented in a mini collectable 1970’s style Vinyl Deck, this retro quiz will take you back to the golden days of music. Perfect to break the ice and have some fun!

  • Presented in a mini collectable 1980’s style boom box, this retro quiz will take you back to the golden days of music.

  • A board game where you have to guess a series of expressions containing the same buzz word.

  • Talking chess game professor with teaching voice system. Ideal to learn to play chess. FREE electronic SUDOKU included!

  • Transform your office parties and hilarious nights out into cartoon strips with our clever Comic Strip Photo Frames. 

  • This stylish moustache-shaped trivia game is about facts that every true gentleman should know!

  • Hey ladies! Get ready to pop your cork to this girly trivia game that is strictly for ladies only! 

  • The double-sided crossword game full of answers! For fast thinkers. Everyone gets a stack of lettered tiles and the dealer calls out the question, "Name the parts of a cow."  It's challenging yet fun to come up with creative, correct and sometimes questionable answers. 

  • Magnetic darts game. Double sided fabric board. Includes 6 strong magnetic flat-ended darts. Tube packaging for easy storage. Size: 15 x 15 inches (38 x 38 cm). For 2 or more players. Imported.

  • It's fast, it's fun and it's always challenging! Each player draws letter tiles, building their own personal crossword as fast as they can. Whenever players use all their letters they yell "Pick Two!" and everyone, including that player, draws two more tiles.

  • We have taken the iconic arcade game and combined it with a pint glass. Shoot the pinball and watch it spin to the bottom. Where it lands will determine your next move. The perfect party companion! 

  • Instructive and fun card games, Professor Noggin's series explores children's favourite subjects.For children 7 years old +2 players or more 

  • This tin of trivia questions is a 'reel' treat for your favourite film buffs. It’s filled with questions about all things cinematic and deserves to be the main feature at all the best house parties! 

  • The hilarious party game that's packed with innuendo and double meaning! Take it in turns to act and guess a whole host of fun and suggestive mimes… It's a game that's as saucy as your imagination… 

  • Sea Master electronic sea battle game (Battleships type) with voice prompts and sound effects. Play against a friend or against the computer.

  • With our Travel Trivia cards you can quiz yourself and friends on the wonders of the world and cross the mental border into new cultural sensations!

Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items